OT model fabrication

Prototype Development

CNC Milled Pattern CNC Milled Plate Pattern

laser-cut airplane kit Laser-cut Toy Prototype

Simple CNC Milled Parts Simple CNC Milled Delrin Parts

Urethane Castings Urethane Castings (Design by Niel Amon, Tactile Geometrics)

Toy Prototype Toy Doll Prototypes (Design by noisyNORA Studio)

Sporting Goods Prototype Sporting Goods Prototypes Carbon Fibre / Aluminum Ice Axe

The pictures above show only a few examples of our prototype work. Due to the sensitive nature of prototyping, we do not show projects in development unless client approved.

Our capabilities at OT Model Fabrication are in-house Laser-cutting , CNC milling and general fabrication. The addition of silicone mold making and urethane casting gives us the flexibility needed to take your design concept from plan to finish under one roof.

If you are interested in the process of how model parts are made, click here for a few examples.

If you are ready for a model to be made by OT model fabrication, or you have a few questions please feel free to contact us.


Architectural Models