OT model fabrication

We are a small business offering model making services to Architects, Engineers, Designers and Inventors. We specialize in Architectural Models and Prototyping.

We know how important it is to you that we accurately reflect your design ideas.

Your designs are accurately created using our in house technologies. For components requiring compound curves and complex shapes, CNC milling is the method of choice. If flat sections such as architectural model facades need to be cut and etched, laser cutting excels at this task. If there is a need for duplicate components or you have a pattern needing reproduction, in-house molding and urethane casting is also offered. Of coure, hand sculpting and traditional model making techniques are not forgotten and practiced if client provided CAD files are not available.

Why an accurate physical model is important.

Whether it be an architectural model or a design prototype, an accurate physical model will save you money in the long run because possible errors can be addressed early in the design stages. For Designers in many cases, having a physical part in their hands is beneficial to conveying the design idea rather than just looking at a CAD model on the computer screen. Form, fit and function can be evaluated. As most Architects know, not all of their clients can understand plans. Having a presentation model can be indispensible. Model making is in essence a proofing service and a good model helps sell your ideas.

Please have a look at the following categories that apply to you for portfolio pictures and more specific information:

Architectural Models

Prototype Development

Model Making Process

If you are interested in having a Model or Prototype developed by OT model fabrication you are welcome to contact us for a free estimate.